WHPN Biographies

Sarah Thompson

Wellness Program Coordinator

Sarah Thompson is a dedicated Wellness Program Coordinator at WHPN. With a passion for promoting employee well-being, she designs and implements various wellness initiatives, making a positive impact on the workplace.

Michael Davis

Occupational Health Specialist

Michael Davis brings his expertise as an Occupational Health Specialist to WHPN. With a focus on preventing workplace-related illnesses and injuries, he ensures a safe and healthy working environment for all employees.

Jennifer Roberts

Nutrition and Wellness Consultant

Jennifer Roberts is a knowledgeable Nutrition and Wellness Consultant at WHPN. She provides valuable guidance on healthy eating habits and empowers employees to make informed choices to improve their overall well-being.

Mark Evans

Fitness and Exercise Specialist

Mark Evans, a Fitness and Exercise Specialist at WHPN, helps employees incorporate physical activity into their daily lives. His expertise and guidance enable individuals to achieve their fitness goals and lead a more active lifestyle.

Amy Hernandez

Mental Health Advocate

Amy Hernandez, a dedicated Mental Health Advocate at WHPN, focuses on raising awareness about mental health in the workplace. Through educational programs and support initiatives, she promotes a positive and inclusive work environment.